Holly Barrett

Luxury Travel Advisor

Holly Barrett

Travel is a great source of joy to me and I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

I am the Owner and Managing Partner of St. Armands Travel. Although I specialize in custom curated trips throughout the world, I especially love culinary travel and tourism. I have an expertise in planning wine and foodie-centric trips to regions all over the world where you will be introduced to winery owners, where you can receive a delicious education on a grape varietal you may not have heard of before, take a cooking class from a chef and where you can lay your head in a French chateau in Burgundy, an Italian palazzo in the Veneto or a beautiful winery in Napa Valley.


My wife and I met Holly a year ago for help in planning a trip through France. She was invaluable! Her knowledge of the locales, the hotels, and the restaurants made the trip an overwhelming success - one which we could have never done on our own.
Skip Weber - New Orleans, La | Agent: Holly Barrett
Given a rough outline of European cities and countries we wanted to visit last summer, Holly designed the trip of a lifetime for my wife Rose and me. Every detail was attended to and the hotels were incredible.
John Maginnis - Madisonville, Louisiana | Agent: Holly Barrett