Gian Pertusi

Luxury Travel Advisor

Gian Pertusi

Travel is my life's work and great joy.

I am the founder and owner of ‘TASTE Tour & Travel’ and an Independent Travel Consultant at 'St. Armands Travel'. I have been involved in the tourism industry for over 30 years, specializing in culinary travel, and have organized and led tours to over 40 countries and visited well over 100.

My New England and Italian heritage helped inspire my love of food and wine. I believe authentic local culinary experiences are an essential part of any journey, a connection to the land and the people that is as important as the sights themselves. 

As your Travel Professional, I offer you my experience as travel agent, guide, tour operator and fellow traveler to make your trip a unique one. Whether I create an individual itinerary for you, book your next getaway or you choose to accompany me on a group journey with fellow explorers, I will be looking out for you from start to finish and help create the memories you will have forever.

Travel is my passion. Are you ready for a journey? Then let's go!